Welcome to the Tacky Monkey Shop

Welcome and I hope you will follow our blog for the Tacky Monkey. Our website will have a Blog feature directly on the store site but I so enjoy the WordPress Community that I will post here as well when we have news, new products, and special events to highlight.

I am asked frequently how I came up with the name or why I chose to name the store The Tacky Monkey. The answer is, I really am not sure. I wanted to open a recycled jewelry, handbag, and specialty store that featured my love for vintage, antique and Bohemian jewelry. I also wanted to include a Conservation Platform with the site. I have always wanted to ‘adopt’ a chimp through the Jane Goodall site: The Jane Goodall Institute or through Dian Fosse: The Gorilla Fund. My plan is donate a percentage of all sales to conservation projects, featuring one a month. Shoppers can contribute to their favorite cause through store purchases.

TM -Cropped png tacky - 2c

This most likely led to the desire to include a monkey as a logo. Once the name was chosen, I set the wonderful artists with 99 Designs onto the project. I have to say, as the project progressed, they really got into my vision. All of the designs were so wonderful, I was not able to choose just one and ended up with 4 logo designs. Each one is unique but completely embraces  the essence of the shop.

I am currently developing the web store and hope to launch by the end of the  month. Our product line will include new and previously loved jewelry, designer handbags, and whatever else I find that needs to be there. Prices will range from $1.00 to high-end collectibles. I promise – there will be something for every shopper!

I hope you will follow us here and watch for the web launch announcement. I welcome suggestions for causes near and dear to all of your hearts. I hope you will enjoy your experience here and we look forward to meeting all of our customers.

Thank you – Judith A. Ames, The Monkey in Charge


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